Sven Ewers

Freelance Developer

Freelance App- and Web-Developer.

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Available for Freelance Work

Hey there!
I'm Sven Ewers, freelance developer of apps and websites. (Some might describe that as the job of a Fullstack Developer).

Currently, I am available for contract work. You can download my full CV and get in touch with me.

What I do

I build native apps for iOS and Android in Swift, SwiftUI and Kotlin, as well as web- and hybrid-apps in Vue, Quasar and Capacitor.

I build websites using Kirby CMS and WordPress.

I build backend services in Laravel / PHP or NodeJS using JavaScript and TypeScript. I also have experience in working with Google Firebase for building serverless backends.

Where I've been

I've been working in a freelance capacity for both startups and established international organizations. Here are the most recent companies I've worked with:

Hire me

You can download my full CV and get in touch with me. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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You can also e-mail me directly at